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BBS Third Year Notes for Business Environment and Strategy | hamroscholar.com

BBS Notes | TU BBS 3rd Year

Business Environment and Strategy Notes

Exams are near, but you’re stuck with the notes, aren’t you? Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS 3rd Year) is indeed a challenging course for the students. “Challenging” in the sense that most of the students are deprived from the qualitative notes. Before exam, it’s the handouts and notes focusing the important topics and chapters you’ll be depending on. We’re well aware of it. In fact, it is the bitter truth for the students who study and work alongside. For them, preparing the notes is difficult and it’s even more stress-giving task when their exams are approaching.

Realizing this problem of the students studying BBS, wwww.hamroscholar.com team has come up with the notes and necessary handouts to help the students ease the difficult task of collecting the notes and provide them time to prepare. Please provide us your suggestions, feedbacks or note requests to hamroscholar@gmail.com

You can download the Chapter-wise notes for the subject of Business Environment and Strategy – BBS 3rd Year as listed below.

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Introduction to Business Environment – 

Political Environment – 

Economic Environment – 

Socio-cultural Environment – 

Technological Environment – 

Asian and Global Environment – 

Strategic Management – 

Establishing Company Direction – 

Internal Analysis – 

BBS Notes | TU BBS Third Year Business Environment and Strategy Notes


Evaluating Company Resources and Competitive Capabilities – 

Strategic Options – 

Strategy Formulation and Strategic Choice – 

Strategy Implementation – 

Strategic Control and Evaluation – 

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